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Ace of Hart


Ace Hart was entrusted with some of the government’s best kept secrets, working with Special-Ops, she was revered by heads of every agency around the world, until her entire unit was killed. The ambush was planned, she knew that much, but how?
And now her world is shifting, slipping under her feet quicker than she can stop it.


She’s thrust into a world full of secrets, guns, espionage and The Agency.

Ace Hart’s no longer the Special Forces soldier she once was but a chance encounter in Central Park with a mysterious man and a mugger has her kicking her four inch stilettos right into her attacker’s shin. 
She's faced guns and knives, bombs, and soldiers but she’s never faced a superhuman opponent like Agent Lazarev.


When Ace is invited to join Agent Lazarev in his world where Sensitives work for the Government, she discovers she is part of a superhuman race descended from an ancient line of Celestial Beings, and when the balance of power is being threatened, their only hope of keeping the scales balanced is in the hands of a prophesied warrior; a Divine Sensitive, Ace. 

Will Ace be able to fight the dark forces that beckon to her, or will she succumb to them?

King of Hart

Things were pretty crappy before, but nothing could have prepared Ace for what was waiting for her when she finally woke up.

Months had passed since she fought Damon in the warehouse, months since she’d held Illarion and made plans for their future.

But now, as she realizes the severity of her situation, she finds that she has more to worry about than the pretty gowns, extravagant dinners, drugs and deceit.

When superhuman agent, Ace Hart wakes up after her last grueling mission, she's consumed by confusion. 

Secluded in a strange mansion, Ace has the unshakable feeling that something is very, very wrong. With her connection to Agent Lazarev destroyed, and no Agency back-up, she has only her own skill set to rely on. 

Despite being heavily drugged, she’s determined to escape and as her fractured mind slowly clears, Ace realizes that her powers are being drained and twisted, turning her into a monstrous weapon.

Will Ace be able to fight the dark force that becomes her, or will she succumb to the Taker?


Queen of Hart

Ace had always known that trusting her gut was the right thing to do, she knew it back in Iraq, she knew it on the field, and she knows it better than ever as she stares down her own fate.
Illarion doesn’t want to hear it though, he doesn’t want to hear that the only way this war ends, is with Ace.


But as the greatest test of her mind and power finds her in the form of a twisted game and deep betrayal, she realizes that the tests of her power, of her domination are all set to challenge her worth.

Agent Ace Hart has faced down her toughest opponents, she’s survived deadly conditions and even her own mortality. But when she finds herself at a crossroads and those she loves threatened by an immovable force controlled by the Taker, she’ll have to hope that the right choice was made.

Will her strength and resolve to do what’s right be enough or has the Darkness already claimed her? 

Will she be able to stop herself from making a choice that can never be undone?

Jack of Hart

The​ Warrior, the lover, the protector and the friend.

Her new life was meant to be a fresh start, but the more time she spends with her new team, the more she realizes that her past isn’t ready to let her go.


New, unexplained crimes rock the city of DC and her team are at a loss. It’s not just the non-Sensitives who are being picked off, it’s her kind too and the FBI have no way to stop them. Putting egos aside, Ace calls on her old team.


But as a high-ranking state senator becomes the latest victim, not only is Ace the prime suspect but she’s unknowingly become part of a sinister plot to eradicate all Sensitives around the world.


The war that's now upon them has no winners and she'll soon learn that those who die don't always stay dead and those she loved will now become her Wild Card.

Had Dalca been right all along and has he come back to take his place? Will Ace become the final stand between him and the end of the world? 

Royal Flush_Cover_front_New.jpg

Royal Flush: The Final Hand

The​ Source, the Legion, the end and the beginning.


It was never meant to be Illarion, it was meant to be her. Ace knew what her duty was the moment she signed up at the Agency. But that’s now how it panned out. 


Three years after half the known population was wiped out by Project Adam and the Source, Ace finds herself the director CIA with international relations and press conferences as her main priority.


While the world has managed to rebuild what is left, Ace feels a tumultuous shift racing through her time and the next with an imminent threat forever looming. There’s no reason for the strange feeling nor is there any warning on the horizon of what’s to come. But Ace knows better. Something big is coming, something she can't see but can irrevocably feel.


She has the power of the Seer guiding her now and those mysterious Sensitives lurking in the shadows, would prove more dangerous than she ever thought possible.


Ace knows what the Source wants and why she was targeted for Operation Lullaby, the only question now is; does she have the courage and the strength to go all the way to the end even if it means losing everything, she’s held dear? 


The epic conclusion to the Hart of Darkness Series. 

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