The Reaper's Descent

Book 1 of The Ceoran Chronicles


by Vulpine Press and Violeta M. Bagia

Mysterious Forest Thriller Wattpad Book

Karatoi are powerful gods who protect the universe from Reapers and keep the scales of

balance aligned.


But when the bridge linking our worlds is taken, the Karatoi deploy their best warriors—The Ceoran—and send them to Earth where they lay dormant, waiting for the One warrior who can end it all.


But there’s just one small problem. The One they’re waiting for has no idea who she is.


Eighteen-year-old Alex is sick of camping.


She’s over the cold nights, the constant state of bed-hair and everything else in between.


This whole camping thing was cool, for the first five minutes. It’s been four weeks now. Four

weeks since the world ended.


Most of her life seems hazy and off—except this weird-ass ability to move things with her

mind and a pair of striking, emerald eyes she keeps dreaming about.


Why can’t she make sense of anything before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve? Why

does she remember things that never happened? And most importantly, why does she feel

like she knows what caused the end of the world…and why does she not fear it?