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  • Violeta M. Bagia

International Women’s Day 2019

As another year came and brought wondrous successes and achievements by brilliant women, so it did the tragedy and ever persistent violence against women.

International Women’s Day celebrates the greatness that ladies, born or reborn, bring to the world, it also serves to drive home a strong message.

Women are still among the highest being abused, murdered and assaulted. Women are still at great risk wherever you live, whatever you do for work and however old you are. Women’s rights and safety for all women is still so far from being achieved. But we are making a difference however great or small it is, and we must continue to do so.

The reminder is everywhere; while a petition makes the rounds on Facebook to end the right to rape, another self-made billionaire story circulates with people frivolously debating, what constitutes a self-made billionaire? We’re constantly reminded of the very real world that so many women still live in and the achingly real divide that separates so many of us.

Recently, Plastic Surgeon Mr. Mansoor Mirkazemi ventured to Kenya to aid women who’d been exposed at very young ages to female genital mutilation/cutting under the order of their fathers and husbands. While watching his video updates of the tragic circumstances surrounding these women, and how he brought hope to them, it really drove home how much further we have to go.

There has been a movement that has in recent years helped more victims of sexual assault come forward, but by the same token, so many more are staying quiet because of the associated ‘victim blaming’ we’ve lived with.

With reports and dehumanization of women for media’s sake, we have more power now than ever, to make a difference. Let’s use March 8, International Women’s Day to help all women, here, overseas, those with money, those without. Let’s do everything we can to bring a name and face back to the victims who’ve lost theirs, let’s give them their voices back and lets stand together with our brothers, husbands and fathers, lets stand up and bring all women into a safer, kinder 2019!

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